Sooooo, I just got off the phone with the insurance company and…I’m approved for my surgery!!

I seriously thought this day would never come. It’s been a long and shitty ride and I can finally put a cork in this chapter and start the healthiest parts of my life!!

I don’t have a surgery date as of yet because I still need to talk with the surgeons office and it’ll just depend on what his schedule looks like. Although, they said that it is generally within the 30 days of approval, so were looking at the end of February, possibly March?

I’m on cloud nine right now so I don’t care when it is!…yeah right, I want it now so I can get it over with!

I’ll keep you guys updated of course as things progress and if anyone has any further questions or anything, please feel free to ask! I’m an open book!




Hallo meine Leiben!

That’s “Hello my darlings” in German. I’ve got to brush up! Sorry for the absence as of late, I had that flu nonsense that is going around as was down for the count for over a week! But I’m finally back to it!

I have some wonderful goodies to share with you today.

First: the Jaclyn Hill palette by Morphe, $27.99 

Photo Jan 28, 7 46 16 AM

I don’t know if I’ve mention this before but I love Jaclyn Hill. I think she has some of the best tutorials on YouTube and she’s hilarious! You feel like you’re hanging out with your best friend when you watch her videos, which I know probably sounds weird but whatever…If you haven’t watched her, go check her out! I promise, you’ll enjoy it.

I was so excited to hear about this palette because I’ve been wanting to try Morphe makeup for a while now. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the quality and for the price, you can’t beat it!

This palette is very versatile. It ranges from warm to cool tones and has both shimmer and matte shadows.

Photo Jan 28, 7 46 26 AM

The pigmentation is insane! These swatches were a single swipe and I just barely touched my finger to them.

Photo Jan 28, 7 46 35 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 46 52 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 47 07 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 48 06 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 47 53 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 47 39 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 47 21 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 48 22 AM

I pre-ordered mine on New Year’s Day and received it earlier than expected but I think they are still sold out at present.  Follow Morphe Brushes on social media and I know they will let everyone know when they are taking orders again. I HIGHLY recommend this palette, it is a great price and you get an extremely versatile palette with ugh-mazing pigmentation.

I did do a look this weekend using this palette (sorry, I did not take pictures) but these shadows blend so effortlessly. If you are a beginner, get this palette! You will master blending in no time!

You can bet your booty I will be posting some looks using this palette very soon! This will probably be the only palette I use for a while!

Second: My new Brush Belt from e.l.f! $20

Photo Jan 28, 7 48 51 AM

This was an early valentine’s day present from the hubster. He knew I wanted one and I had a shoot this past weekend and he wanted me to have it for that. He’s too sweet.

I got this off Amazon specifically because I needed it before this past Sunday. God Bless Amazon Prime! It’s some sort of faux leather material and it has a very long, very adjustable strap. That was one of the selling points for me because I knew it would extend long enough to go around my big ol’ hips! It holds a shitload of brushes and has little pockets in the front which I used for hairclips and bobbypins.

I LOVE this belt! It made doing makeup on someone else SO much easier! My only complaint is that if you have shorter brushes, they have a tendency to disappear a bit into the slots. I remedied this by buying a whole new brush set! I ordered the burgundy brush set from BH Cosmetics. Not only did I want a set just for shoots but I know that these are longer brushes than what I have now and I shouldn’t have the disappearing act I have now.

Third: The Studio Pro Contour Brush by Crown Brush, $12.99 (with shipping)

Photo Jan 28, 7 49 41 AM

Photo Jan 28, 7 49 46 AM

I got this baby for 12 bucks with shipping! Considering it’s normally twice that, I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I used it this past weekend just to do a light contour and I love it! The bristles are soft enough to blend everything out beautifully but stiff enough to give that nice line. If you want a cheaper version of the NARS Ita brush, this is it.

I have ordered Crown Brush brushes previously and was not happy with the quality. I got them through HauteLook so I don’t know if they were a cheap batch just to sell through them or what but they shed something awful! I ended up throwing them all away. I know a lot of people really like their brushes, so I figured I’d give it another shot. So far, so good! Even after washing, I have yet to see any real shedding.

Crown Brush is always posting deals on single brushes on their instagram, so go follow them!

Fourth: Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray and Detangler, $11.99 (at Beauty Brands)

Photo Jan 28, 7 50 05 AM

OK, so blow drying my hair is a real task. I have so much hair that if I let it air dry, it dries flat on top. If I blow dry it, it literally takes about a hour to do and I start to sweat half way through, then I have to deal with tanlges. #thestruggleisreal

I recently got my hair trimmed and thinned and asked my lovely stylist Bailey about a blow dry product that would cut down on drying time and she recommended this Kenra Blow-Dry spray.

Not only does it cut down on blow-dry time, it also detangles (which is a GODSEND for me!) AND it smells like a yummy drink with rum in it! I’ve used it on wet and dry  hair (for de-tangling) and it’s amazing. It does not weigh down your hair or make it look/feel oily. I bought the smallest bottle just to try it out and I will definitely be buying the biggest bottle when I’m out.

I bought mine at Beauty Brands but you can buy it through the Kenra website, Ulta, your local stylists should have it or even Amazon.

Last but not least: Lolita Studded Kiss lipstick by Kat Von D, $21

Photo Jan 28, 7 50 41 AM

When I went into Sephora this past weekend, I was actually hoping to get the Natural No. 9 lipstick by Makeup Forever but my Sephora was still sold out of it! So I headed to the Kat Von D display and picked up this little beaut!

It is a beautiful matte, rosey-brown color that is perfect for everyday wear. It has the signature KVD on the top of the lid as well as being pressed into the lipstick.Photo Jan 28, 7 50 52 AM

The swatch looks a bit orange but once applied, it blends beautifully with the natural hue of your lips and turns into more of a rose color you see in the tube.

Photo Jan 28, 7 50 23 AM

I love the packaging, except for one thing-and this is true with her other lipsticks, is that the cap doesn’t snap into place very well. On more than one occasion, I’ve looked into my makeup bag and found that my lipsticks are just floating around without the lid! Thankfully none of them have been damaged but it’s a little annoying.

Pigmentation is great, as always. I’ve always been a big fan on her line, you guys know that! It doesn’t feel dry and lasts all day.

Next on my list is that gorgeous Light + Shade contour palette! With the brush and coffin case of course!

That’s it for today! I’m going to play around with this palette some more and I’ll have some tutorials coming up soon!

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Easy Peasy!

I have a bit of a treat for you guys today!! I’m finally gettin’ with the times here and portions of this tutorial will be….VIDEO!! I tried to film everything that I could but as I was doing it one-handed, I could only do so much. I really think that I got the gist of it though and I’m really happy with the way they turned out! Eventually, I’ll move on to doing full on video tutorials but I think this a good start for now. And I apologize now that the videos are so big and up close-I’ll try and get that fixed.

This is my easy peasy lemon squeezy look. I wear it a lot and it’s a great way to look put together and like you actually tried without wearing a lot of makeup.

The great thing about this look is it is very basic and you can change it up to suit your skin tone, your outfit or your mood!

To start, prime those lids! I have been using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. Using our blending brush and light neutral color (whatever would be neutral for your skin tone), apply shadow all over the lid-it’ll probably just disappear into your skin but that’s fine, we just do this step to make blending easier.Photo Jan 08, 6 52 14 AM

Using that same brush (or a new one if you really want to) pack a darker neutral color onto the brush. I’m using this gray/taupe from the KVD Monarch palette. 

Photo Jan 08, 6 52 47 AM

Using our windshield wiper motions, pack that color into the crease. You can take this color all over the lid if you want. The idea is to create definition in the crease-to make your eyes appear more awake and…well..defined! Also, if you have smaller or less deep-set eyes, it can make your eyes appear larger. I then like to take clean blending brush and buff that color up and out towards the brow bone just to get rid of any edges.


Next, using that same darker neutral and either a rounded smudge or a flat edge smudge, whatever you prefer, pack that color into the lower lash line. You can take that same light color from earlier and totally blend it out. Once that is done, you can take a highlight (I’m using Mary Lou-Manizer by theBalm) and highlight on that brown bone and in the inner corners of the eyes.Photo Jan 08, 6 56 02 AM

Next, using a neutral colored eyeliner, line the lower water line. I know some people use white but my the whites of my eyes are not that white and it looks odd on me, so I use this peachy toned liner. It’ll make your eyes appear larger and again, look more awake.

Photo Jan 08, 6 57 18 AM

Photo Jan 08, 6 57 26 AM

You can skip this part, especially if you want a more natural look but I have a hard time NOT doing I’m doing a crisp, winged out number using the Maybelline Lasting Drama by Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in blackest black. This is a great drugstore liner, btw. (only $9.99!) Throw on some mascara and eyes are done..unless….

Photo Jan 08, 7 04 58 AM

Falsies!! I have been LOVING these demi whispies (#120) by Ardell. I originally thought they would be too much for my eyes (they were given to me by a friend) but once I had them on, I was in lash heaven!

On to foundation. I have been using a mixture of L’Oreal Lumi and KVD Lock-It Foundation and instead of a beauty sponge or blender, I’ve been using a brush. This mixture gives me a perfect blend of matte where I need it and shiny where I want it.

Photo Jan 08, 6 44 49 AM

Photo Jan 08, 6 45 16 AM

I pump the foundation onto my hand (I need to get a Paw Palette!) and then tap the brush into the mixture, put a few spots onto my face then blend in circular motions outwards.

Photo Jan 08, 6 45 39 AM


Photo Jan 08, 6 44 27 AM

And After!
Photo Jan 08, 6 48 05 AM

When it comes to blush or bronzer, you can really do either one. You can do a light contouring or just warm up your face with some blush. I switch it up depending on how much time I have really. Contouring always takes me a little longer so if I’ve got the time, I’ll do a subtle contour. Otherwise, I just slap on some blush and I’m good to go!

Photo Jan 08, 7 10 59 AM

Luminoso by Milani

 I think with super simple looks like this, a great highlight really brings everything together. It lightens up the face, makes you look bright and dewy and when it is 7 DEGREES (!!!) looking fresh faced and sparkling is a necessity.

Throw on some lip gloss or a tinted lip balm and you’re set! Look is el completo!

Photo Jan 08, 7 13 41 AM

As I mentioned above, this is just how I do this look and what works for my pale as snow skin. If you’re darker, use darker tones and more highlight, skip the liner and falsies and just do mascara. Whatever works for you!

Let me know if you guys like the videos, if you want to see more of them! I will try not to get so up close and personal next time, lol!

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Cheers! LIPS

Chit/Chat: I’m Back!!

Happy New Years everybody!!

Sorry the for hiatus-things got very busy ’round these parts and I let this fall to the wayside and that makes me very sad. BUT! One of my new years resolutions is to get back on track here and I WILL keep that resolution! I’ve got tips and ideas to help keep myself motivated and inspired!

I HAD planned on doing a MOTD today but I didn’t sleep well last night so getting up early was not number one on my Monday Morning List. I will, however, post some photos of some recent looks I’ve done (if you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you’ve already seen them) and if anyone would like a tutorial, please let me know!

Today’s post will just be more of a ramble and update about what has been going on!

I did hair/makeup (on someone else) for my first photo shoot ever a few weeks ago! I L-O-V-E-D it! Despite all my makeup musings, I had never done makeup or hair on anyone else ever! It was for a pinup shoot so it was pretty simple-cat eye, red lips, great skin. I do not have pictures at this time but as soon as I can get some, I will post. I’m really, really hoping to do more shoots and if I can, I will post photos of my work. This is the photographers slow time as he usually shoots outside but as things warm up, I’m hoping it will become more frequent work.

The husband and I have decided to push Germany back to next spring. We were going to this October but the weather is a bit dicey this time of year and we weren’t about to spending thousands of dollars to hang out in the cold/rain. So we’re going to go either next May or June.

I am still going through the motions to have my bariatric surgery. I have one more class required by insurance which is in just two weeks (!!!) then the specialists will submit everything to the insurance company and once approved, I’ll have surgery either around the end of February or sometime in March (hopefully it’s no later than that). I’m SUPER excited! I’m ready to get it done and start my healthy new life! If anyone wants further information about this whole procedure, let me know and I’ll happily do a whole post about it!

We, unfortunately, had to put our dog Roscoe down a few months ago which really, really sucked. He had been sick for a while and it was the best thing we could do for him. The vet we went to was amazing and really helped us through it and although we can still here the clicking of his nails on the floor, we know he’s in a better place.

Ummm, I think that’s really about it! Nothing too terribly exciting but I want to keep you guys up on the latest. I hope to WILL get back on a regular posting schedule of AT LEAST once a week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I usually post any looks first before I get them up here. If there are any topics, looks, tutorials that you all would like to see on here, please email me or comment below. OH! I also got a new camera so picture quality will (eventually) improve and I may start doing videos!

Enough gabbing! Here are few photos of looks I’ve done over the past few months! Enjoy!

Photo Jan 05, 8 44 55 AM


Oh yeah! I got my septum pierced too!


Photo Jan 05, 8 44 02 AM

Photo Jan 05, 8 43 48 AM

Photo Jan 05, 8 43 58 AM



Photo Jan 05, 8 44 08 AM



Photo Jan 05, 8 43 42 AM

This was a horrible attempt to photograph my NYE makeup. I’ve already planned on doing a tutorial.






News Update!

Well Hello there strangers!

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update as to what is going on these days.

First off, I haven’t posted any MOTD’s because I’ve been sick for that last like two weeks and haven’t worn much makeup. First the husband was sick then of course on the day he wakes up feeling better, I wake up with a sore throat and it was all downhill from there.

Second-and this is a whopper-I have started the process in order to have bariatric surgery at the beginning of next year. While my insurance will cover 80%, it is still a $14,000 surgery so I will still have a chunk of change to pay afterwards, on top of our trip to Germany next year, I have been and will have to continue to save all my pennies.

While I will still do my best to post MOTD’s and things of that nature, I will SERIOUSLY be curving my spending and that includes my makeup budget. Of course, I will still be buying rando things here and there but I will in no way be spending on makeup what I have been.

I’m going to to my best to make up for the lack of new product posts/reviews with more MOTD’s and posts of that nature.

If you have questions (and constructive comments) about my choice to do surgery or things related to that, please feel free to leave them below. I’d be happy to answer anything!



EOTD from Saturday- Soft Gold/Cranberry

I am very much ready for fall. The temp here in the ol’ midwest has finally dropped below 70 degrees, it is cloudy/rainy and I’m in love with it! When I did my makeup this weekend, I was inspired by those deep, fall colors like gold, maroon, cranberry, dark browns, etc…And here’s what I came up with!

I used the 26 Neutral palette from BH Cosmetics as well as a pigment from Blend Mineral Cosmetics.

Photo Sep 06, 10 38 17 AM

I actually lined my lower water line which isn’t something that I normally do as my water line is just that, in every sense of the word and rarely does liner last but I felt it was necessary even if it was just for the photos.

I couldn’t find that perfect lipstick to go with this (I really need to go lipstick shopping) so I just left them nude.

The next look I’m planning on is one WITHOUT EYE LINER. I’m just a teensy bit scared because I NEVER do a look without eyeliner but I’m trying to hop out of my comfort zone and we’ll see how it turns out.

I hope you guys are having a good week and as always, please follow me on Instagram (@killerkolar), twitter (@turbo_kolar) and Pinterest (@turbokolar)! Send me some pins of looks you’d like to see me recreate/tutorials on!



MOTD! Orange and Black Smokey Eye

Happy Friday!!!

This is more of an “Eye of the Day” but whatever…It is similar to a previous eye that I did with just a little extra oomph!

I haven’t worn heavy makeup in a couple of weeks and I’m really happy with the way this one turned out.

Photo Sep 05, 6 10 47 AM

I used only my favorite palette of life right now, the Kat Von D Monarch palette.

I used Vanish (matte taupe) in the crease, blending in Wrath (deep pearl orange) into the crease as well as blending outwards. I then used Dead Head (matte black) all over the lid and finally blended everything in the crease with Shadow Box (matte chocolate).

It is a really simple look but it has a lot of character and is pretty easy to do. Let me know if you’d like a tutorial on this look!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



MAC Rocky Horror Collection!!

UPDATE available online September 29th, in stores October 2nd!!

Before I get into the amazing collection in the title, I want to apologize for my serious lack of posts as of late. Things have been busy at work and at home and I have been very…uninspired lately. I hate it. But! That is all gone, I have a ton of new looks I want to try and share with you guys and I will get back to my regular posting schedule this week!

 Now, on to the most amazing news ever…

…MAC is celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of my favorite movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, by coming out with a limited edition collection!

I legit died when I found out. If you haven’t seen this film, please drop what you are doing and go watch it! Not only is the music beyond but the makeup is iconic and it is just a good movie to boot!

The collection debuts online and in stores on October 2nd (that date could possibly change but that seems to be what it is as of right now).

Of course, I’m drooling over the packaging because it is just gorg…

Are you loving it?!

And, like all MAC collections, they have a great array of products, from lipsticks to pigments and nail polish.

I’m most interested in the lipsticks and the pigments but I will probably purchase the shadow set as well just because.

I have seen the names of the upcoming products but they have been changing so I’ll wait until they are released because one: the names so far are pretty underwhelming for the product, I think anyway, and two: I wouldn’t want to give out totally false info.

I don’t know how long the collection will be available but I do know that while the packaging will be limited edition, some of the products will be permanent.

The swatches I’ve seen so far aren’t the best so as soon as I can get my hands on this amazingness, I’ll have a full on post with swatches galore!

As if I wasn’t begging for October to get here already…Let the countdown begin!

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